Family Helping Family


Holmes Helping Hands

The Holmes Helping Hands program is a family based financial organization with its goal of providing much needed cash for a short period of time. Unlike a traditional bank loan, which is processed at a very slow pace, our organization is designed to provide quick access to emergency funds without gathering a lot of personal information or documents.


Holmes Academic Advancement Program

The Holmes Academic Advancement Program endeavors to produce a lasting legacy of professionals and intellectuals within our family in all academic and vocational disciplines.


Seed Before harvest

The Seed Before Harvest Program is a scholarship program designed to support creative, driven and business savvy family members in realizing their dream. When starting your own business or inventing the next big thing, money is paramount in achieving the goal. Especially when you’re already bogged down with household bills and other personal debts. This scholarship will aid in encouraging go-getters to continue their pursuit and help ensure we are taking advantage of our dreams.